E27 LED Grow Lights

E27 grow lights screw into standard household light bulb socket fittings. Don’t worry if you don’t have a light socket positioned in an ideal spot, as all E27 bulbs come with a free AC adapter. E27 led grow lights are great for small grows or individual plants. They are also used in larger grow setups as a supplementary light to cover dark spots and different angles.
We have 2 styles available: The ‘Grow & Bloom’ (red & blue) for an all-stage light, excellent for taking your plant from seed to bloom. The ‘Grow Booster’ (blue & white) to boost your growth & vegetation stages of plant life, excelling in seed starting, vegetation & mothering plants.
With the AC adapter you have flexibility on where to position your light by using an extension cord.

E27 Grow Lighting

E27 Grow Lights In Action

E27 AC Adapter included

E27 Grow Bulbs