What makes LED lights more effective than traditional grow lights for indoor growing?
1. EFFICIENCY – LED growlights can achieve the same results as traditional HID grow lighting while using around a quarter of the power. This has numerous advantages, the main one being a much smaller power bill at the end of the month!
2. HEAT (the lack of); Because LEDs produce very little heat, this means there’s less requirement to cool the grow area. Additionally LED grow lights can be placed much closer to the plants than HPS/MH bulbs without ‘plant burn’ taking place.

What’s the main difference between the UFO, Penetrator & Switchable Series?
While all our LED lights will do very much the same thing. There are some distinct advantages and differences between the various ranges.
UFO – Most common led grow light on the market. Into it’s fourth generation of models. 9 band spectrum. 3watt leds.
COBRA – Latest commercial led grow technology using 192w COB leds. New fan technology, reducing noise even further. 9 band spectrum.
SWITCHUP – Utilizing reflector technology to concentrate the light. Can switch between grow & bloom spectrum modes (or both) with the flick of a switch. 9 band spectrum, 5watt LEDs.
E27 – LED grow bulbs which can be used in standard light socket fitting (e27 screw mount). Using 3watt LEDs and 2 spectrums.

What is the ideal spectrum for growing lush plants?
For plants in the growth or ‘vegetation’ stage; blue (440-460nm) spectrums is considered the ideal spectrum. Plant still respond well to the red spectrum during this period. For plants in the bloom / flowering / ‘budding’ stage; red (630-660nm) is considered the ideal spectrum. Plants also respond well to additional colors being added, as we try to replicate the sun which has a nearly infinite number of light spectrums.

How high above the plants should I have the light?
It is recommend to have your led grow lights no lower than 30cm from your plants. Depending on your grow area, you should generally place lights at a height that is half the width of the grow area (eg, for a 1metre wide grow space, place lights 50cm above plant canopy)

How do I order my lights?
Simply choose the light/s of your choice and click ‘add to cart’ on the product page or listing page. You can review your order on the cart page before proceeding to the checkout where you enter your postal details and then choose your payment type.

What forms of payment do you accept?
You can pay by credit/debit card via our secure Paypal sytem (confirmation is instant) or you can choose to pay by bank deposit into our account either through internet banking or a manual deposit at any Westpac branch. If you choose bank payment, you will be given our banking details and we will confirm with you via email when the payment has cleared (usually 1-3 working days)

Do you allow pickups?
At this stage we don’t allow pickups, although we have reduced our postage rates throughout Australia.

Do you ship internationally?
Contact us, and we can look to arrange international orders as per your request.