UFO 600 Grow & Bloom

The UFO 600 comes from the well known ‘UFO’ series of commercial led grow lights. Now in their 4th generation of lights & upgraded to 3w chip LEDs for deeper light penetration & enhanced photosynthesis. UFO lights are perfect for growing in both soil and hydroponic mediums. The specialized ratio of light spectrums handle all stages of growth from clone to vegetative phase to flowering. It has been compared to a 2000w HPS grow light, but we prefer to compare it to a 1200w. No ballast or reflector required, easy hanging kit included.

– 200 x 3watt LEDs
– Wavelength: 630~660~610~470~460~430~380~730~10000k
– Optimal area coverage up to 1.8m x 1.2m
– Weight: 6.6kg
– Unit Dimensions: 45*28*8cm
– Voltage: 85-265v, approx 220w draw.
– Expected lifespan 50,000+hrs

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Weight 2.8 kg