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Fresh indoor tomatoes from LED grow lights.

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LED grow lights can grow your indoor plants, well!. After more than a decade in the hobby & commercial growing industry, LED grow lamps have steadily grown in popularity. More recently LED lamps have become increasingly efficient and user friendly. A growing number of indoor gardeners are now choosing LED’s as their grow light of choice for hydroponic and soil grow setups.

We’ve been servicing the Australian horticulture industry for more than 5 years. We have an excellent reputation for bringing Aussies the very best and latest technology in LED grow lighting. With local customer service and expertise, we are the number 1 supplier of LED grow lights for your commercial & hobby indoor growing needs.

The benefits of growing with LEDs are exceptional. The most noticeable is the financial savings you’ll experience (up to 70%). This is due to the efficiency of LED bulbs in growing plants.when compared to the traditional ‘HPS & MH’ lighting that require big heavy ballasts and reflectors. It’s no wonder the US Navy are using led lighting to grow herbs and other produce aboard their vessels, hundreds of kilometers out to sea! LED grow lights are the future and they are available now at a price which compares to traditional HPS and MH lighting.  The time to invest in the future of indoor growing is now.

LED grow light in action

Why choose LED grow lights for your setup?

  • SUPER EFFICIENCY – With financial saving of up to 70%, LEDs are the proven most effective ‘produce per watt’ solution for hobby growers and commercial indoor growers alike.
  • NO BIG BALLAST or REFLECTOR – The ballast is built in. The relfector is built in. The LED lenses are angled to 90-120 degrees. Who needs big old metal boxes and reflectors or bulbs that fire out light in every direction?
  • MUCH LOWER TEMPERATURE – With in built fans and ofcourse bulbs that operate at much lower temperatures than traditional grow lighting, in most cases there is no need for additional cooling measures.
  • MUCH LONGER LIFE – While traditional indoor grow lighting has a life expectancy of 10-20,000 hours. LED grow lights have a life expectancy of 50-100,000.
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